Who We Are

We are a private investment firm that brings together experts from a variety of backgrounds who help clients achieve their financial objectives through strategic investments.

What We Do

At SLIG we look for secure, short and long term diversified investment opportunities with returns over 20% annually.  We use real estate as our major vehicle for investments and work closely with accredited or qualified investors using a retirement plan or liquid funds looking for above the average returns.


Why Us

The SLIG team has over 85+ years of experience in the financial services and real estate industry, with executives from household names from fortune 500 companies. The team also has an extensive legal and regulatory experience, giving our investors assurance of safe and compliant investment structures.

our projects

Our Portfolio

At SLIG, we keep a well diversified real estate portfolio focused on acquiring, developing and managing commercial assets specially in multi-family, mix-used and seniors living sectors. Our senior communities cater to: independent and assisted living, memory care, MCI(s) and hospice.  We take into consideration location, demographic and economic factors to properly analyze a project; to maximize it’s potential upside and minimize any downside risk.