Looking for passive income, capital growth or both through real estate investment?

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Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. is a private equity investment and operating firm specializing in commercial real estate and alternative investments. We help our investors and clients develop wealth planning strategies that provide passive income, long-term growth, value appreciation, portfolio diversification or a combination of all. We do that by creating and managing investments backed by commercial real estate in flourishing markets across California.


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How Does it Work?


We believe in win-win philosophy relationships. Your success is our success. We are your investor partner which means that we put equity in each of our projects. When it comes to investing, minimizing risk is just as important as picking winners. Therefore, we focus on protecting our investor’s wealth while providing a consistent, respectable return. We do that by investing in assets with a high probability of maintaining cash flow, value appreciation or both; even if the economy and interest rates rise.  We underwrite conservatively, we do not inflate the returns and we implement several exit strategies.


Investor Options

How you invest depends on a number of factors, including how much time you have, how much involvement you want in the day-to-day management of your investments and, just as importantly, the complexity of your financial situation. Understanding the type of an investor you are can help you determine what type of investment approach is best suited for you as you create a plan that reflects your comfort level and your financial goals.  At Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. we value our investors and lenders different experiences. Our goal is to match your investment objectives, short terms and long term goals and financial expectation with one of our projects or short term note programs. The idea is to simply help you achieve financial objectives through sound planning, strategies and investment solutions.

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Why Us?  The SLIG Difference

The SLIG team has over 85+ years of experience in the financial services and real estate industry, with executives from household names from fortune 500 companies. The team also has an extensive legal and regulatory experience, giving our investors assurance of safe and compliant investment structures.

Our Portfolio

At SLIG, we keep a well diversified real estate portfolio focused on acquiring, developing and managing commercial assets specially in multi-family (apartment buildings), mix-used retail and office space, as well as seniors housing communities. We take into consideration location, demographic and economic factors to properly analyze a project; to maximize it’s potential upside and minimize any downside risk.



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