Zack Levy

Zack started his career as an F15 Jet Technician for the Israeli Airforce in the late 80s. He then migrated to the United States in early 90s and founded “Textile Industry Corp” in 1996. He soon became a preferred vendor for manufactures and clothing brands sold in stores like BCBG, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Saks 5th Avenue, and many other international brands. His success has always been a testament to his ability providing exceptional client service and building relationships based on trust. 

Zack started future panning for his family early on. Through his research and retirement options, he was introduced to Abraham Mehrian –an independent financial and estate planning consultant- who helped him become more financially educated with different investment approach, tax planning and wealth preservation. Throughout the years, the strategies have complimented Zack’s retirement goals; resulting him become an active investor with a diversified portfolio that includes real estate.

As Abraham shifted focus into investments in real estate development; creating Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries in 2014, Zack also repositioned some his portfolio into partnering with SLIG’s commercial real estate assets such as multifamily (apartment buildings), mix use retail and office space as well as seniors housing projects.  

In the recent years, the textile business has started to slowdown and Zack along many others in his industry, have partnered up in different real estate ventures. However, it is with no surprise that Zack started spending more and more time sharing his success and experience with SLIG, with other friends, family members and business acquaintance he knows. As he has been a proud part of SLIG growing organization since 2014, he was offered to join SLIG Investor Relations Consultant Team.

Zack resides in Tarzana where he spends quality time with his two children Anael and Leael; they love to camp and enjoy beautiful sceneries, eat good sushi and play bowling in their family time.