Abraham Mehrian
President, Co-Founder

Specializing in financial advising, Abraham Mehrian is a leader in financial services and planning, and has been since 2000. He works closely with his team and draws from his vast background in business, investment, tax and estate planning, legal, insurance, retirement planning, as well as his marketing background to help business owners and individuals achieve their financial goals.  Abraham has provided professional and personalized financial services and solutions to several high-net-worth clients from an array of professional backgrounds. His clients include attorneys, nurses, business owners, entertainers (film, music, television), jewelers, textile wholesalers, dentists, teachers, county workers, and non-profit organizations. He also devotes his time to helping families with special needs children.

Among the companies he has represented and worked with are:
American General, Genworth, John Hancock, Nationwide, Pacific Life, Prudential, Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of Ohio, Banner, Lincoln Financial (Money Guard), Transamerica, William Penn Life, Columbian Mutual, Gerber Life, MetLife Investors USA, Allianz, Aviva/ Athene, ING USA Annuity & Life, National Integrity of New York, Flexible Plan Investments Ltd., Hanlon Investment Management, Pinnacle Advisory Group Inc., Great West, Security Benefit, The Principal Financial Group, Assurity Life, and Mutual of Omaha. He achieved unparalleled success due his unmatched level of client care. As a result, he opened up his own branch during his second year. With over $42,000,000 of his client’s money under his management and 309 licensed advisors under his direct supervision, Abraham ultimately unveiled five separate branches. Skilled and experienced, Abraham grew into an international speaker. He coached and counseled financial teams in the likes of Hong Kong, China, the Cayman Islands, Portugal, and the Philippines. In the course of 10 years, he ran 260 seminars, training and giving speeches in more than 22 states. In 2009, Abraham founded Family Financial Strategies Inc., an independent wealth and estate planning consulting firm.

Over the course of his 14+ year career, Abraham has helped his clients explore different types of life insurance plans (Deferred Compensation, Executive Bonus, Split Dollar, Key Person Insurance, Buy-Sell Arrangements, Business Continuation Strategies, etc.). He also provided his clients with various retirement planning options: 401(k)s, Profit Sharing Plans, Pension Plans, SEPs and Simple IRAs, Sole Proprietor 401(k)s, 403(b) Plans, 457 Plans, and Mutual Funds. To protect his clients, he helped them preserve and protect their wealth by introducing services such as Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Charitable strategies, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Wealth Replacement Trusts, and 529 Savings Plans. As a properly licensed Investment Advisor Representative, Abraham also provided money management services, and helped his clients explore Exchange-Traded Funds. He has helped people grow and preserve their wealth, optimize liquidity, manage debt, identify long term and short term investment strategies, as well as streamline their complex financial needs through even the most strenuous economic periods. What sets Abraham apart from others in his field? He is personable, honest, and genuine. He maintains a strong rapport with his clients. He is able to communicate with people of all ages. His oldest client is 91.

Abraham migrated from Iran with his family due to the revolution. He developed a love and passion for Martial Arts—particularly, for traditional Japanese Karate. This art taught him discipline and focus at an early age. At 13, he was awarded the gold medal, the highest honor/achievement, from the United States National Karate Championship. Until age 21, Abraham kept that title. For 10 years, Abraham worked as head Martial Arts Instructor. A respected and qualified leader, he taught over 3,500 students in Southern California. His parents divorced when he was 15. The years that followed propelled him to take great responsibility. He retired his mother early, and inspired his brother to follow his footsteps in the financial world. Abraham supports numerous charitable organizations such as the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, Yachad, Chabad, Congregation Ohel Moshe, and Kolel. Abraham lives in Los Angeles, California with his family.