Our Portfolio

Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. has accomplished a lot in the past five years. We have created a well-diversified portfolio that has out-performed traditional investment options, resulting in profitable returns. We currently hold a $320M estimated project value of real estate portfolio with assets from office and retail to multifamily and seniors housing projects. Here’s a quick glance at our report card as of October 2019:



Legacy Knowlton

A new four-story 36-unit luxury multifamily development acquired in December 2014 with an estimated project value of $20,050,000. Legacy Knowlton is located at 6944 Knowlton Place, in the heart of Ladera Heights.  This project is a gem, as our Sr. Vice President Mr. Emanuel Sabet says. The area has gone through major growth from the LAX additional expansions to RAMS stadium and other developments in the surrounding vicinity; setting up the investors of this project with a nice 100%* return on investment in duration of 4 years and 6 months.


Legacy La Mirada

Introduced in August of 2015, Legacy LA Mirada is located at 5608 La Mirada Ave in Los Angeles, CA 90038. This 5 years and 6 months long project is a luxury complex development project of 13 new smart apartment homes. La Mirada is within walking distance to the purposed Hollywood Central Park project and centered around major cities from Downtown to Studio City. With an estimated project value of $7M, La Mirada will earn its investors a 50.07% return which includes a 5.64% guaranteed annual payout during its development phase.


The Barton Estates

The Barton Estate is one of our favorite projects. This is a $8,650,000 Small Lot Sub-Division brand new development, located at 5455 Barton Ave in Hollywood, CA. Each of the 8 homes are equipped with smart technology, luxurious rooftops and views of Hollywood. This “Growth” strategy investment has an estimated 41.96% return to investor in 3 years and 11 months. About 75% of this project was funded through Self-Directed IRAs.



Downtown Executive Multiplex

Downtown Executive Multiplex is home to SLIG’s headquarters, located at 221 E. 12th St in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. The investment started in October 2015 with a 7 years and 6 months timeline, earning its investors a 7.01% tax free income per annum valued at $14,150,000. The 4-story 29,654 SF building, formerly known as the Santee Center, was originally built in 1989, and up until now, contained a mix of discount retail on the ground floor with light manufacturing and storage space above.  We took the building and re-characterized it into a modern, presentable, classy, and creative high-end retail and office space.


Legacy Tamarind South

Legacy Tamarind South is located at 1310 Tamarind Ave in the heart of Hollywood, CA. This project is the true definition of location, location, location! Walking distance to Bronson Studios, KTLA 5, Netflix and the Emerson College; this complex is going to bring smiles to its new guests. The building is equipped with state of the art technology and amenities such as lounge room and rooftop. This investment will bring a fresh breath to the already growing development mix in the area.  Tamarind South is a 3 years 8 months long project, consisted of 32 luxury apartment homes, estimated at a $22,052,000 project value. With a 45.26% return on investment, the investors also enjoy a 4.51% guaranteed tax free income per annum.


Legacy Tamarind North

After acquiring Legacy Tamarind South, SLIG was able to negotiate two more lots to create a sister development project with 21 units, offering smart luxury apartment homes called “Legacy Tamarind North”; located at 1432 Tamarind Ave in Los Angeles. This project also shares similar characteristics with its counterpart, “South,” and has a timeline of a 3 years and 7 months. “North” is equipped with amenities such as pool and electric vehicle plug in chargers, as well as modern and luxury units. Tamarind North has an estimated project value of $14,720,000 and was funded mostly with retirement plans such as 401k, Roth IRA, 457 plan and 403B. It is expected to earn its investors a 46.01% return.


Diamond Living Estates

As part of our expansion plans in 2015, we were able to identify the Seniors Housing category as one of our most recession proof investment asset classes. Diamond is offering investors a whopping return of approximately 200% in a time frame of 5 years and 2 months. Partnered with one of the most respected second generation developer in San Diego, SLIG formed “We Strategic,” offering precious lifestyle independent living and memory care homes.  Diamond living is currently valued at an estimated $52,000,000, and will build a senior living community consist of 8 homes and 114 residents in the city of Vista located in the Northern regions of San Diego County.


La Costa Living Estates

La Costa Living Estates marks the second Seniors Housing project for SLIG and We Strategic Development Corporation. The site is located in the city of Encinitas, CA and has beautiful scenery of the lagoon and Pacific Ocean. The $55M development, will offer private residential senior living with 108 residents within a boutique style community; that offers high end amenities, exceptional level of service and integrity. The property will bring an array of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), comprised of Independent Living (IL), Assisted Living (AL), Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), as well as Memory Care and Hospice facilities. La Costa Living Estates is a 5 years 7 months long project with an estimated 168% return on investment that includes a 5.18% of guaranteed tax free income for the duration of the construction.


Carmel Pacific Living Estates

Carmel Pacific Living Estates is the third Seniors Housing development project that’s presented by SLIG and We Strategic Development Corporation. Neighboring to some of the best cities in San Diego County, C.P.L.E. is located near Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe, Torrey Pines and Fairbank Ranch. This senior living community will be home to 130 residents with access to highest level of care from Assisted Living, Memory Care and Hospice needs. The is a $53M estimated project value that approximately holds 40% of its raised capital through varies of individual retirement accounts. C.P.L.E. is a 5 years and 6 months long development that provides its investors a 5.62% guarantee income tax free for the first three years during the entitlement and construction period.


Legacy Riverviews

A proposed workforce multifamily development minutes from downtown Sacramento, CA. This project is undergoing its final entitlement / due-diligence timeline, will be home to approximately 168 residents enjoying a community filled with fun and useful amenities. Riverviews is a $36M estimated project value opportunity that will attract investors who are looking for moderate growth and income approach investment. More to come!




Sawtelle Prestigious Courtyard

Located at 4812 Sawtelle Blvd. in Culver City, this 6-unit project includes two front facing single family homes and four town homes with brand new developments. Sawtelle Prestigious Courtyard was completed in August 2016 and sold above market asking price in January 2017 for $4,050,000, profiting investors a giant 118.45%*. 


Carlton @ Hollywood

A 10-unit multifamily rehab project that went through an extensive remodel in 2016. The building was featured in Urbanize.LA for its unique renovations and innovative investment strategies. Centrally located in Hollywood at 5831 Carlton Way Los Angeles, CA 90028, Carlton was sold in 2017 for $3,885,000, giving investors an estimated return of 39.07%.