The Dream @ Tamarind | South

Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. is pleased to present The Dream @Tamarind, a 39,500 square foot 32 unit apartment building in the heart of Hollywood. Currently the property sits on a 19,630-sqft lot that is zoned R-4 (Q) with an existing duplex, tri-plex and 6-unit apartment. In addition to the great location, the project is classified as an aggressive growth and guaranteed income geared towards investors looking for capital appreciation as a main objective with monthly income being the secondary objective. This property has an array of amenities and is conveniently located within walking distance of the Hollywood Arclight Theatre, Emerson College, the W Hotel and numerous restaurants and nightclubs. This property is within reach of the 101 Freeway giving tenants easy and quick access to Downtown LA, North Hollywood, and the San Fernando Valley. In addition the subject property is also within walking distance of the proposed Hollywood Central Park Project, a 38-acre public park that will be built on top of the 101 Freeway.


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